About Us

Thumbnail Image 1Pro-Seal Services, INC is a family owned and operated paving and seal-coating company proudly serving the Greater Richmond area and East coast. The dynamic father and son team of Kevin Stroud Sr. and Kevin Stroud Jr. (also known as KJ) provides specialized management of all of your paving, asphalt and seal-coating needs.

The Pro-Seal Services team has been building and maintaining positive relationships with satisfied customers since 1998. Many years of combined experience built upon a solid foundation of working alongside each other in the trenches has forged a team that provides exceptional quality every step of the way.

A hands-on approach over the years has honed skills and ensured complete and thorough understanding of each paving process as well as the required aftercare of your completed paving project. The Pro-Seal Services team strives to complete each project with careful consideration towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of each and every client. Complete understanding of every aspect of paving and a commitment to going the extra mile every time for every client has established Pro-Seal Services as a company that stands head and shoulders above the rest in the paving and seal-coating arena.

Pro-Seal Services’s methodology when approaching a job, their planning capabilities and their ingenuity when structuring the details of a job guarantee that the work will be done in a timely manner with exceptional workmanship.

The Pro-Seal Services team is also committed to Customer education. Truly understanding how to maximize the life of your paving project and education on what to expect seasonally with regards to your drive or parking lot affords customers the additional benefit of a longer life-span to their finished project and cost-savings if you adhere to the suggested care and maintenance of your project. By focusing on customer satisfaction and customer education, and ensuring customer understanding of the importance of any required routine maintenance Pro-Seal Services is able to save you money over the life of your paving project.

The Pro-Seal Services team wants you to know that the following principles guide their work every day, leading to satisfied customers, a professional image that spreads easily amongst customers by word of mouth and ultimately the highest quality workmanship available in the Richmond market.

  • Communication
  • Dependability
  • Adaptability
  • Quality
  • Integrity

Contact Pro-Seal today and find out for yourself that old-fashioned work ethic and honest communication are still alive and well here in Central Virginia. No shortcuts…..and a commitment to exceptional service and the desire to go “Green” whenever possible. Let Pro-Seal Services review your project and “Seal the Deal” for your paving, seal-coating and repair jobs. You won’t be disappointed!